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Food biodiversity: why it is important to choose and protect it

What do we mean when we talk about food biodiversity , and why should it be protected?
It is estimated that there are 1.4 million species of animals and plant varieties in the world, but not all of them have yet been discovered by man. From this it can be deduced that the whole ecosystem is based on the principle of biodiversity , i.e. the set of characteristics that distinguish the various living organisms.
For its part, food biodiversity concerns what is obtained from agriculture and livestock. Diet diversity , according to most nutritionists, is essential for having a healthy genetic makeup. Yet today about 300,000 varieties have disappeared on Earth, and 60% of our calories come from just three plant species, namely wheat, rice and maize. Therefore, the variety that man cultivates today has decidedly reduced, preferring only a dozen crossings and hybrids.
One of the causes that contributes to reducing food biodiversity is the spread of monoculture, often dictated by economic decisions. In fact, there is a tendency to cultivate only the species most in demand on the international market, to the detriment of biodiversity.
The decline of the variety does not only have a negative impact on the ecosystem , but also on human health.
Only recently has the scientific world begun to link the progressive loss of biodiversity with the increase in inflammatory diseases. This is due to our immune defenses, weakened by the diet we follow and our lifestyle.
So it is important to choose the path of food biodiversity , but we must also protect it. Food derives, even indirectly, from seeds, therefore the solution must be sought in agriculture.
For these reasons , Il Parodi Gourmet has chosen to protect agricultural biodiversity , because today more than ever it represents the richness of life on Earth. We know that to promote food biodiversity it is necessary to pursue certain objectives such as the enhancement of typical local products and the reduction of pollution. On our terraces, where we have been growing Misto Chiavari hazelnuts for generations , we take care of the environment by respecting sustainability criteria.
If you also support food biodiversity

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