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Crema spalmabile alla nocciola

Spreadable hazelnut cream: recognize quality

There hazelnut spreadable cream it has always been a sweet temptation, not only for those with a sweet tooth, but also for those who try their hand at making recipes such as cakes, tarts and biscuits.
Excellent to be enjoyed in any way, whether it is with a spoon or on a slice of bread, and at any time, from breakfast to snack.
The success of the hazelnut spread has led several brands to produce it. So today on supermarket shelves we are spoiled for choice.
Precisely because it is a food so appreciated by adults and children, it is important to know how to choose the quality of a product.
Furthermore, let us remember that even those who, for whatever reason, are inclined to follow a diet or a certain diet have the right to indulge in a little gluttony.
There has been a lot of talk about palm oil in recent years. But eliminating this ingredient is not enough to make a product healthy. So what characteristics must a hazelnut spread have to be good to taste and genuine at the same time?
Before choosing the jar it is important to read the label. First of all, to understand the quality of a product, you need to look at the first ingredient on the list because it is the one present in the greatest quantity.
In the case of spreadable cream, it is naturally important that hazelnuts take first place, at least in percentages ranging from 25-30% upwards.
Another factor to consider are the fats used. As an alternative to palm oil, vegetable oils such as sunflower oil are often used, or chocolate fats, i.e. cocoa butter, are used.
Also check the amount of sugar, and remember that it should never be the first on the list. This, as we have explained before, would mean that it is the ingredient present most in the cream.
Usually a whole sugar like cane sugar is preferable, but even in this case it doesn't have to have the highest percentage.
Last thing to remember is that quantity is not synonymous with quality. In fact, the best hazelnut spreadable cream is the one prepared with as few ingredients as possible.
The Parodi Gourmet specializes in the production of hazelnut spreads. Ours is a sweet cream that contains 52% roasted Ligurian hazelnuts , to which are added brown sugar and low-fat cocoa. The only fats it contains are those of cocoa butter.
These few simple ingredients make it a delicious and genuine food, perfect to be enjoyed on a slice of bread or used in fillings.

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