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Crema spalmabile Fondente alla Nocciola e fiocchi di cioccolato fondente


The DARK spread offers a unique gastronomic experience, creating an irresistible union between the richness of 30% hazelnuts and sophisticated Swiss Maracaibo dark chocolate flakes. This spread stands out for its promise of an intense harmony of flavors that satisfy the palate with every spoonful. Each tasting moment transforms into a melody of authenticity and pleasure, providing an extraordinary sensory experience that embraces the bolder side of your tastes. The DARK SPREAD becomes a unique culinary journey, where each spoonful is a discovery of refined and satisfying flavors. Let yourself be enveloped by this delightful combination and savor every moment with genuine curiosity.


Ingredients: Italian hazelnuts (45%), cane sugar, Swiss Maracaibo dark chocolate flakes (13%), unsweetened cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin. May contain traces of other nuts, milk.

- Energia: 2.486 kJ / 598 kcal
- Grassi totali: 44,7 g
*di cui Grassi Saturi: 8,62 g
- Carboidrati: 38,79 g
*di cui Zuccheri: 36,36 g
- Fibre: 6,60 g
- Proteine: 6,95 g
- Sale: 0,01 g

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