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Crunchy Pistachio Spread


The CRUNCHY PISTACHIO SPREAD is a journey into the realm of taste surprises. With 30% roasted pistachios and 13% pistachio granules, this artisanal delicacy offers an explosion of flavor that combines creaminess and crunchiness. Each bite invites you to explore the playful side of cuisine, providing a unique combination of textures and flavors. Delight in this palate adventure.


Roasted pistachios (30%), cane sugar, virgin sweet almond oil, pistachio granules (13%), skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, fleur de sel.

- Energia: 2.491 kJ / 594 kcal
- Grassi totali: 42,89 g
*di cui Grassi Saturi: 6,90 g
- Carboidrati: 41,60 g
*di cui Zuccheri: 41,56 g
- Fibre: 0,42 g
- Proteine: 10,62 g
- Sale: 0,78 g

gluten freepalm oil free