IL PARODI Gourmet - Le Golose


Crema spalmabile al cioccolato bianco e lampone


BERRY WHITE is an elegant symphony of white chocolate and raspberry dancing together on your tongue. With 47% "Mortarella" hazelnuts, this delicacy celebrates refined taste, offering an unparalleled gourmet experience. Each spoonful is an anthem to sweetness, transforming white chocolate and raspberry into a palate ode. Savor this perfect harmony with authentic joy.


Virgin sweet almond oil, skimmed milk powder, cane sugar, powdered trehalose, cocoa butter, freeze-dried raspberry powder (3%), freeze-dried raspberry flakes (1.5%), soy lecithin, fleur de sel, pure vanilla powder. May contain traces of other nuts.

- Energia: 2.232 kJ / 532 kcal
- Grassi totali: 34,43 g
*di cui Grassi Saturi: 6,55 g
- Carboidrati: 47,34 g
*di cui Zuccheri: 46,61 g
- Fibre: 0,76 g
- Proteine: 8,93 g
- Sale: 0,23 g

gluten freepalm oil free