Enciclopedia della nocciola

Hazelnut Encyclopedia

Taken from the book " Hazelnut Encyclopedia "
by Clara Padovani (Author), Gigi Padovani (Author), Irma Brizi

In Campomorone, in the hinterland of the Val Verde di Genova, 20 km from the Ligurian capital, Andrea Parodi at the end of the 1990s founded an important company that obtains oil from seeds, fruits and berries: Parodi Nutra. In 2016 he "fell in love" with a very particular and rare quality of hazelnut, the Misto Chiavari, buying four hectares of hazelnut groves in the Aveto Park, from which he obtains oil and spreadable creams under the II Parodi Gourmet brand: the classic 52% gianduia and the innovative Lacrunchy, which contains a total of 60% of hazelnuts, between paste and grains.

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